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Wife Swapping Clubs

Wife swapping clubs first started as informal gatherings at members' homes or at the homes of the leaders of the clubs. These clubs were informal in nature and membership was generally through recommendations of other members.

The first to be open wife swapping clubs was in California in the 1960's. This club was open to the public who want to become members. The club held regular wife swapping parties for its members to go along with other social and political activities. The trend was soon to follow by Canada also open its' first wife swapping club in Toronto. Up to now the club has many members and it is still very popular with the activities they hold.

The wife swapping clubs are only a meeting place for members. The activities of the swapping clubs were and still generally a dancing club. Swapping was a private matter and any arrangements and engagements were strictly up to the member couples attending the dances. Usually, sexual activities are held privately at member's homes or rented motel/hotel rooms.

Although wife swapping clubs and magazines had helped with promoting the growth, the real strength behind wife swapping are among the individual men and women who adopted wife swapping as part of their lifestyle.

Today wife swapping clubs are all over the world. The can be found in most parts of United States, populous areas of Canada, parts of England, France, Germany and Japan. The actual numbers of wife swapping couples and individuals are not known, but all we know it is substantial and growing fast. Wife swapping is not as conservative as it used to be. These day is has become more open through media reports, magazines, newspaper and TV programs. The internet is also fast growing and really popular for wife swapping couples and individuals to met one another. The internet has allows wife swapping couples and individuals to place personal ads for instant communication. Wife swapping has come a long way since World War II. Today more and more new couples and individual have join in wife swapping to start to explore their sexuality and sensuality in new ways.

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