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Wife Swapping Stories 2

Me and my best friend

John and I have been best friends out whole life, ever since we were kinds. We had the same tastes in everything - hobbies, sports, beer, and women. So on his wedding day it was no surprise that we were standing on the altar watching his wife-to-be walk down the aisle that I leaned over and whispered that some day I wanted to have sex with her. To him and I it actually made sense, and was some kind of weird validation that he wanted to do the right things had the right woman.

Well, we never thought it was really possible, but about a year later, after I got married and he told me pretty much the same thing about my wife. One night after a couple of drinks over at John's place, we got pretty drunk and began to talk about it as a reality. I think it was the alcohol and made a bold statement about swapping wives. Of course the women were listening and laughing but all of a sudden John told his wife Cassie to kiss me and I told my wife to do the same. Then the next thing we know we were all hot and bothered and pulling each other into the bedrooms in the house and have sex like wild animals. The feeling was sensation. It was even better to hear my wife coming from John, and feeling the same with his wife squirming and squealing under me. It was the hottest thing I have ever done. We still all hang out together and once couple of week, we would switch wife and have sex liker badgers. And like the first night it is still as hot.

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